Electronic Register - AGE

Electronic Register - AGE


The Electronic Register is a point for submission of documents for processing for any administrative body of the General administration of the state, public agency or entity linked or attached to them, according to Law 39 / 2015 from 1 October, administrative procedure common of public administrations.

Through the electronic Registration may submit applications, writings and communications that do not have an electronic procedure or standardized form in the electronic site competent Department. Electronic headquarters ministerial departments provides access to electronic services and electronic procedures with standardized forms specifically for most of the tape.

Moreover through the Electronic Registration documents may be submitted for transmission telematics to other Public Administrations (autonomous communities, local entities, etc.) that are integrated in the Network system records (Opens in new window)  .

About who can submit applications in this registration, who can point them, or any doubt associated with it, you can consult the page Frequently asked questions (Opens in new window)  .

To check availability of debes Electronic DNI (Opens in new window)  or electronic certificate (Opens in new window)  in effect. 



Electronic Register