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Transportation subsidies in the Canary Islands

Transportation subsidies in the Canary Islands


Transportation subsidies in the Canary Islands


Electronic processing of subsidies for sea and air transportation of industrial or agricultural goods from or to the Canary Islands.


Government delegation in the Canary Islands


This procedure requires a digital certificate recognised by any of the official national certification bodies or an electronic national ID number (DNI).

The certificate can be issued to an individual authorised to represent a company, or to a legal entity. The system uses secure communication protocols: all the information provided and obtained is encoded, which ensures that information is transmitted securely.

To electronically sign the documents, you will need the @firma component, which takes a few minutes to download, install and load; please be patient and read the installation instructions provided.


This process also requires broadband internet access owing to the volume of information to be transmitted and an active digital certificate issued to an individual or legal entity. This system requires documents that must be sent over the internet, with a maximum size of 4 Mb per file. If you need to attach a larger file, compress it using a programme such as ZIP, RAR or BZIP2. If you need to send more files than there are fields available, group the files using a tool such as TAR or one of the aforementioned compression programmes.

To ensure the electronic signature component works correctly, you must have:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or above, or Firefox version 3.5 or below.
  • Java Virtual Machine version 1.5.2 or above, except the version 1.6.0_24